Author Dictating to a Scribe
Bible moraliseŽe.
France, probably Paris, ca. 1230
14 3/4 x 10 1/4 inches (375 x 262 mm)
Purchased, 1906
MS M.240 (fol. 8)

The man in a monk's robe with a tonsor haircut is a monk and he is obviously giving instruction to a scribe who is not wearing monks robes or a tonsor, therefore we can see that he is a layman in the employ of the monastary. The scribe is drawing and elaborate border with a quill in his right hand while he holds down the parchment with the tip of his knife to avoid smudging the page. His border design has four medallions for miniature historical scenes. He is wearing a coat of a rich blue fabric and delicately made shoes indicating that he is being well paid for his work.

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